5 Tips to Lose 1 Kilogram of Body Weight in a Week

Tips to Lose 1 Kilogram of Body Weight in a Week. Do you find it difficult to lose weight? There may be things that you have been missed or done wrong that has hindered your weight loss program’s success. You can lose 1 pound every week if you have strong motivation and a healthy eating plan.

Foods rich in fiber and protein are the primary keys that will make your stomach feel full longer and help you lose more weight. It is also important to eat whole foods while cutting back on processed foods and sugar. Get started by doing the following weight loss tips. And if you succeed, in just four weeks, your body will turn healthier and leaner.

1. Set your daily calories

Calories are what you need as a source of energy to carry out your daily activities. For that, meeting enough calories per day for bodily functions is necessary, even though you are on a diet. The average woman needs an intake of 2000 calories per day, while the average man requires 2500 calory consumption per day. To lose weight, ideally, you only need to reduce 500 calories per day. So, Women will take only 1500 calories, and then men take 2000 calories during their diet program. With a reduction of 500 calories per day, it is estimated that you will lose 0.5-1 kilograms of body weight in a week.

2. Write down what you eat.

Research shows that having a food log can help you achieve your weight loss goals. In another study, participants who recorded their food that entered their body managed to lose weight twice as much as those who never recorded it. By registering what foods you have eaten, you can better control the number of calories that your body has absorbed.

3. Increase the consumption of fiber

Increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains such as oats, barley, and quinoa can help speed up your weight loss goal. That’s because these fiber-rich foods turn your stomach feel full for longer without storing extra calories in your body. According to a study in the Journal of Nutrition, by increasing your fiber intake by 8 grams every 1,000 calories, you will lose around 4 1/2 pounds of body weight.

4. Add protein to your meals and snacks.

Eating protein will make you feel fuller than consuming carbohydrates or fat. Incorporating protein-rich foods into your meal or snack will make you feel more energized for a more extended period. Also, try adding chicken or salmon to your salad. If you are on a vegetarian diet, you can add tofu or kidney beans. You can also enrich more protein to your snacks by adding peanut butter to your apples or adding cheese to your fruit, for instance.

5. Enjoy healthy snacks on a diet.

Eating healthy snacks is the easiest trick for overcoming hunger between meals. However, it would help if you chose snacks wisely while running a weight loss program. If you want something sweet, it’s okay to occasionally eat it as long as you also calculate the number of calories your body takes.

Those are the tips that are keys that you can include in your new weight loss program. If you are consistent in doing it, you have a big chance of losing at least one kilogram of weight in one week. Besides running a healthy diet, don’t forget to exercise regularly. Last, it would be perfect if you already prepared a robust mental strategy to succeed in your diet plan.


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