5 Tips to Maintain Weight While On Vacation

Most people need a vacation to break exhaustion from day-to-day courses. Some people plan to take a holiday in the city with their beloved family, and some others go to town to enjoy new attractions they have never seen before.

While on vacation, people take pictures of natural beauty, the beautiful city center, and its culinary uniqueness. It feels incomplete visiting a new area without tasting local culinary varieties. Trying new menus are fun and must-do thing when traveling. But a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior found that most travelers leave with an unwanted souvenir after that, a few pounds of increased body fat. For those of you who are trying to lose weight, this is, of course, a burden in itself. The good news is, you can avoid it. Here are some strategies you need to know so you can have a comfortable vacation without being haunted by the burden of gaining excessive weight.

1. Drink enough water

According to research, consuming 500 ml of water or about two glasses 30 minutes before eating can help you losing weight. Get used to drinking water before meals every day, can help you lose weight up to about 2 – 4 kg in 12 weeks.

Researchers conducted another study. They found that overweight (obese) adults who drank water before eating could lose more weight than those who did not drink water before eating. Also, drinking water before eating can trick your stomach into feeling full and reduce your appetite. Consequently, it prevents you from overeating and gaining more weight. It is also essential to carry water when traveling because the human brain often has a hard time distinguishing between thirst and hunger.

2.Try tropical fruits

If you’re looking for dessert after a heavy meal, replace the sweet treats with local fresh fruit that you don’t usually get at home. Treating fruit as a snack is one of the keys to your diet’s success, whether you are at home or while on vacation. Fruit contains fiber, which can make you feel fuller. Also, fruit commonly carries antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial for health. Try local fruits that are unique to the place you visit. Apart from reaping the benefits, trying local fruits and how the local serves it also offers a new, unforgettable experience.

3.Browse the available buffet dining menu options

If you visit a place that provides buffet meals, do some observation before you start picking up food. Go around and explore all the food options served. A study from Cornell University found that the leanest eaters on the buffet browse all the options first. This strategy helps figure out what you want to try before it all ends up on your plate.

4.On foot

When you are on vacation, you should choose to walk rather than ride a vehicle. Besides burn calories, you can also enjoy the streets and more tourist attractions. Walking in a vacation spot will be more fun because you can enjoy the beauty of the city and the hospitality of the local people.

5.Enough sleep

When on vacation, you usually sleep late because you explore many new places and their appeals. Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep can cause you to feel hungrier and make you eat more than usual. Even if you are on vacation, make sure you get enough sleep.

That’s it. I hope you feel calmer while on your next vacation and unburden from gaining new weight by following the tips mentioned earlier. Even though you are on vacation, make sure to eat healthy foods, and avoid eating fast food if possible.

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