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Did You See This Crypto Report?? FULL Breakdown!! 🔍


Financial bubbles are indistinguishable from the adoption of new technology. This is the first sentence of coin gecko’s recent quarterly report on the cryptocurrency market. And there is a lot of truth to that statement since the start of the year cryptocurrencies have seen record adoption growth and innovation. Whether it’s tesla buying bitcoin coinbase going public or thor chain launching the first ever cross chain decks.

There is no question that what we’re seeing in crypto is much more than a bubble. These many milestones constitute a watershed moment for the entire crypto industry and mark the beginning of the global presence. It was destined to have since bitcoin began in 2009. Today i’m going to take you through a few of the top crypto trends that are taking the world by storm. And what they could mean for this bull market and the future of cryptocurrency.

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I hate to spoil the fun, but a disclaimer needs to be done nothing in this video is financial or investment advice. It is purely for educational and entertainment purposes. If we’re being precise financial advice is just not my cup of tea. So if you happen to be looking for it. Then you’d better not be looking at me. If this is your first encounter with the coin bureau brigade my name is guy.

And i think crypto is as good as getting laid. This channel is home to some of the highest quality crypto content on the internet cryptocurrencies. Big and small tips and tricks you’ll get them all. Crypto news and market moves and other valuable knowledge that you can use. If this sounds too good to be true, subscribe to the channel, ping that notification bell and i’ll show you on that note.

Take a second to skim through the timestamps i’ve left in the video timeline. If you want to skip around, that’s fine. But i’d love it if you watch the whole way through because youtube ranks videos based on watch time now that you’re all set. Let me tell you why no coiners are about to get wrecked. You know that bitcoin is the best performing asset of the decade since 2011. Btc has gone up by more than 20 million per cent outperforming.

Every other investment vehicle in existence during that time bitcoin’s market cap also recently exceeded one trillion dollars, which would make it the sixth largest company in the world by market cap. Beating facebook by a few hundred million dollars. More importantly, bitcoin’s market cap is about 1-10 of the market cap of all the gold in circulation now. This is significant because Btc is likened to digital gold since it derives much of. Its value from its scarcity and maximum supply of 21 million as such many believe.

It is only a matter of time before. Bitcoin becomes as big as gold and others believe Btc could even become much larger since it’s much easier to get, easier to store, and easier to transfer. This makes bitcoin an optimal hedge against inflation. And this hedge seems to be the reason why so many institutions have started to buy Btc in recent months. Forty percent of all U.S dollars in existence were printed last year to keep the corpse of the economy lurching along this would theoretically lead to an inflation rate of forty percent all else being equal.

Now all else has not been equal, but that’s a topic for another time anyways while the inflation from all this money printing has not fully revealed itself in everyday goods. It is clearly visible across all asset classes primarily housing stocks and cryptocurrencies as explained by heresy financial. The reason for this is basically because corporations and consumers can’t do anything else.

But buy assets with that stimulus money in theory corporations should be spending that stimulus money to sustain or even expand their operations. But this is futile when everything is closed since that investment would not yield a profit moreover. Many of these stimulus packages have restrictions on stock buybacks. This means the only option most corporations have with their stimulus money is to buy other stocks or assets.

Such as cryptocurrency. That stimulus money would lose value. If they just kept it in cash, similarly consumers are being cautious with their money and in some cases can’t even spend it. If they wanted to because everything is closed or out of business. This likewise leaves consumers with no other option. But to save that stimulus money or invest it in assets, individuals and institutions have consequently been accumulating Btc like mad with paypal and square collectively buying 100 of all the newly mined btc in march of this year.

That might leave you wondering what would happen if most or all the Btc in existence was purchased by investors with deep pockets. Well, it’s first worth pointing out that only about one percent of bitcoin’s. Entire supply is currently held by publicly traded companies. This number rises to about 6.7 percent. If you include the treasuries of companies both inside and outside of the cryptocurrency space.

Now, even if that figure was 67, i reckon it would be the same situation we have. Now, with other limited assets like gold and land, there will always be someone somewhere who’s willing to sell. If you’re wondering what happens when all the Btc is mined, i happen to have a video about that. Which you can watch using that handy link in the top right.

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0:00 Intro
2:06 The Rise Of Bitcoin
5:42 The Rise Of Stablecoins
8:13 The Rise Of DeFi
11:28 The Rise Of NFTs
14:20 The Fall Of Regulations
16:57 Conclusion


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📈The Rise Of Bitcoin📈

Since 2011, BTC has gone up by more than *twenty million percent*, outperforming every other investment vehicle in existence during that time

Bitcoin’s market cap also recently exceeded 1 trillion, which would make it the sixth largest company in the world by market cap, beating Facebook by a few hundred million dollars

More importantly, Bitcoin’s market cap is about 1/10th of the market cap of all the gold in circulation

This is significant because BTC is likened to digital gold since it derives much of its value from its scarcity and maximum supply of 21 million

💲The Rise Of Stablecoins💲

Stablecoins have also seen record growth over the last few months, with their collective market caps more than doubling from 30 billion to over 60 billion dollars

Although most of this market cap gain came from Tether’s USDT printer, USDT’s dominance as the top stablecoin seems to be coming to an end

The market cap of Circle’s USDC stablecoin is growing at twice the pace of USDT’s, and this has been the case for quite some time. BUSD is also growing rapidly, but the largest growth is coming from UST

💱The Rise Of DeFi💱

The total value locked in DeFi across all cryptocurrency blockchains recently breached 100 billion US dollars, a 5x increase since Jan

About 60% of this TVL is on Ethereum, 35% is on the Binance Smart Chain, and the remainder is scattered across other blockchains like Terra, and Ethereum layer 2s like Polygon and xDai

😻The Rise Of NFTs 😻

The market cap of all NFT related cryptocurrencies currently sits at 30 billion dollars

The trading volumes on NFT marketplaces like Rarible and and Opensea has gone up by nearly 20x since the start of the year, topping 200 million dollars in March

Cumulative sales for NFT collectibles from NBA Topshots, Cryptopunks, and Cryptokitties was over 700 million during the same period

If you include other prolific NFT sales like Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, this cumulative sale figure goes well above 1 billion dollars

Jack’s 2.9-million-dollar tweet pales in comparison to the most expensive NFT sale, which was Beeple’s collection of his first 5000 works that sold for nearly 70 million US dollars at a Christies

⚖The Fall Of Regulations⚖

Recent events (ETFs, Visa partnership, China unbanning crypto etc.) suggests that cryptocurrencies will not be met with harsh regulations unless they begin to threaten a government’s monopoly on money

If anything, it appears that governments are both able and willing to put up with this continued growth and might even be interested in accelerating it if it means they get a tax cut of our hard-earned gains

Besides, governments need people in the crypto space to do the work so they can copy it to build their central bank digital currencies.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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