Potato Diet For 15 Days To Lose Weight


Potato Diet For 15 Days To Lose Weight

Potatoes are often used as an alternative source of carbohydrates to replace rice for running an active diet program. Besides having good taste, potatoes are also easy to prepare with various other types of food. Potatoes are not a new food ingredient in north America. Consumption of these tubers is widespread, starting from snacks until the main course. 

However, recently, the potato diet has become an interesting phenomenon on social media after an Australian man, Andrew Taylor, claimed to have lost 30 kilograms of his body weight after doing a potato diet. To achieve this result, Andrew only ate potatoes for three months. In addition to losing weight, potatoes are also rich in nutrients that are important for health. Vitamin C inside Potato works as an antioxidant that can prevent or slow down the process of body cell damage. Calcium in potatoes is helpful in the growth process of bones, teeth, and white blood cells. Meanwhile, potatoes’ fiber is a substance to control blood pressure, maintain digestion, and maintain heart health. So there is no need to hesitate to follow the potato diet because potatoes are rich in positive benefits.

Potatoes For Weight Loss

Besides being delicious, potatoes have many nutrients for the body. Potatoes contain potassium, which is even higher than bananas, vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, and many more. 

The following are reasons why eating potatoes can control your weight:

  • The starch in potatoes can be a source of energy. This certainly makes you full longer and has more control over your appetite. Potatoes also contain proteinase inhibitors that can suppress your appetite.
  • Raw potato has no fat and calories, so that it won’t store fat in your body.
  • The fiber content in potatoes can help improve digestion and prevent constipation. A healthy digestive system will speed up the success of your lowering weight program.

How to Do the Potato Diet

Before starting the potato diet, you must determine the ultimate goal of your diet. Do you want to lose weight fast or slowly? There are two types of potato diets that you can do, including:

Intensive diet for 15 days

This diet may be more challenging to do because you can only eat potatoes. Of course, you can process it in various ways. The plus side is, you can lose weight quickly if you stick to this diet.

The most suitable potato for the diet is a solid potato. Select and wash the potatoes thoroughly, making sure no dirt remains on the skin. 

Furthermore, the potatoes can be cut and processed according to your taste. The recommended processing methods for the diet are boiling, steaming, and baking. Don’t add cooking spices like salt and sugar in the first three days to keep the potatoes’ influence effective for your working diet. From day 4 to 15, you can add herbs, spices, or olive oil to add flavor. To enjoy your diet recipe, consume the potatoes while still warm.

Diet by making potatoes as a source of carbohydrates

If you find it challenging to do an intensive potato diet, you can slowly make potatoes the primary carbohydrate source. Replace daily rice consumption with potatoes. 

Rice contains high enough sugar levels and can increase your body weight, not to mention tire your body quickly and turn your stomach hungry quickly. You can boil, steam, or bake potatoes instead of rice. You can enjoy them all with daily side dishes. This method is perfect for those of you who want to maintain a stable weight.


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